Our Services

We offer intelligent and efficient services in software engineering. From business analysis and IT strategy to development, deployment, and testing, our focus is on custom solutions and excellent end user experiences.

Business and System Analysis

Business intelligence is a key RingIT strength. To help produce strongly architected systems, our analysts deliver deep and accurate insights to developers. Our team discovers inefficiencies in business cases and identifies solutions that effectively improve business processes.

Software Development and Consulting

Our work with mission-critical systems has given us extensive experience in handling complex and sensitive data. With a constant focus on quality and precision, we tailor our development process to the unique needs of each client—ultimately providing effective and sustainable architecture with intuitive design.

About RingIT

At RingIT, we come to work every day because we want to solve the most puzzling, challenging and diverse problems in software. We believe in proof-of-concept and minimum viable product solutions.

We value agility, are quick to respond, and communicate directly with our clients. In addition to the core team in our cozy Tallinn office, we work with top level talent from all over Estonia to bring the skillsets needed to any project.

Our strength is our experience

Because we’ve grown our skills by building platforms for banks, financial institutions, governments, and other high-security organizations, each person on our team values precision.

Our high standards stem from teamwide experience developing large, complex systems that process critical data. We’ve cut our teeth building reliable solutions, and we now bring that sense of quality and accuracy to clients in and out of the financial industry.

As a seasoned but adaptive company, we’re able to keep the design process tight. There’s seamless knowledge transfer between our clients, our analysts, and our developers, so that when projects deploy, they hit every mark.

Clients & Partners

Kaur Esnar
Partnership, Business development
Kaia Türnpu
Business- and IT analysis
Taivo Türnpu
Systems Architecture & Development
Kadri Eller
Job opportunities, misc subjects
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